[ut2004] 3270.1 Patch

Matthew Arnold marnold at ez-net.com
Tue Aug 31 11:38:20 EDT 2004

^(o,o)^ Turk2000 wrote:
> Today, Pollywog said to me :)
>  #- linux --#
>  #- linux --# When I started the game after
>  #- linux --# the patch, I could not see the graphic that one usually sees
>  #- linux --# as a map loads, I just saw the name of the map on a dark
>  #- linux --# background,
>  #- linux --#
>  I had this problem when I tried to install these patch 3204...3270beta
> in wrong order or I forgot one of them. Now UT seems to work well with
> SAS and RO.

icculus posted this a while back. Looks like I should add it to the FAQ.

Delete User.ini from /where/i/installed/ut2004/System, then delete 
~/.ut2004/System/User.ini. Run the game and things will Just Work.

Extra file slipped into the patch, and it overrides a lot of default 
settings incorrectly.


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