[ut2004] what Linux distros?

ut2k4 at agno.net ut2k4 at agno.net
Tue Aug 31 11:38:20 EDT 2004

On Tue, Aug 31, 2004 at 03:00:04PM +0000, Pollywog wrote:
> I have tried UT2004 on three different distros, with different results.  On 
> Debian, it did not run well at all.  My Debian system had the filesystem 
> spread across 3 or 4 partitions (ext3).  I then installed Linspire 4.x on the 
> same system and the game ran better than it did on Win98SE.  I then tried 
> Xandros on the same system and the game runs better than it did in Debian but 
> not as well as it ran on Linspire.

I run it on Debian with an XFS filesystem--seems to work fine.  I would
think that the fs probably doesn't make a big difference unless you swap
a lot.  It runs better in Windows, but that's largely due to the
drivers for my ATI card.

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