Gian Paolo Mureddu Thetargos at
Thu Aug 26 18:31:11 EDT 2004

    Anybody had played this mod in Linux? I downloaded an archive that 
included the ut2mod file, plus an installation script (very nicely done, 
BTW)? If you still haven't done so, I *WIDELY* recommend it!! I couldn't 
say that I've played any game with a similar gameplay to this, except 
maybe for StarCraft (in the bases missions where you can take a small 
group of Marines/Zergs/Protoss only). I really liked this mod and am 
trapped into it :-D... Anyway, the reason I wanted to know if anybody 
else on this list has played it, is becuase I'd like to start playing it 
on-line, but in the Multiplayer section I get the Internet tab greyed 
out... Anybody know if there are Internet servers with this mod around 
and maybe all I have is a FireWall problem? I'll check in any case the 
forum at their site, and for those of you who'd like to play this 
incredible mod, go fetch it from www.balckcatgames/swarm, note that it 
is a huge download of apporximately 200+ Mb!!

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