[ut2004] ut2004 (2370) and Deathball mod = segfault

Joel Wiramu Pauling aenertia at aenertia.net
Thu Aug 26 18:15:22 EDT 2004

Only Segfaults on a few different mods i.e Total Anhilation, otherwise
they are pretty good. I have noticed that it will sometimes crash out
changing maps if I am the host in a Lan game. Oh And there is the whole
web interface debacle...

Definitely more stable than the 32bit versions running a rig upstairs
that has an ATI card. (I  know it´s the ATI drivers but still...)

Still waiting for the next major release which hopefully will clean up
these issues.

Been playing Doom3 under cedega lately tho so...

On Fri, 2004-08-27 at 05:56, J. Ryan Earl wrote:
> Joel Wiramu Pauling wrote:
> >I installed and used deathball (not sure which version) before. And it
> >worked fine... Using AMD64 binarys tho.
> >  
> >
> Have these been stable for you?
> -ryan
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