nohup or screen for Linux ut2004 server?

Pollywog linux at
Thu Aug 26 13:01:22 EDT 2004

Is it better to start UT2004 server in Linux using "nohup" preceding the 
command or to use the screen command instead of nohup?  I have been using 
this command to start the server:

/home/games/UT2004/System/ucc-bin server \ 
ONS-Torlan?game=Onslaught.ONSOnslaughtGame?Mutator=UT2Vote43.UT2Vote \ 
ini=ut2004.ini -nohomedir log=utserver.log

I have that all on one line (without the "\"s) in a shell script and I execute the script with

nohup ./ &

I have seen that sample scripts do not do this, they use the screen command in 
this manner:

screen -A -m -d -S ./startserver

I am also wondering if this list is archived somewhere, so I don't need to ask 
a question that has been asked and answered many times.


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