[ut2004] 3270 Linux Patch?

Marco Puszina ut2004 at hackerwelt.de
Sat Aug 14 11:18:00 EDT 2004

hi pete,

i asked this question a week ago - nothing heard from ryan yet - also 0day and 
temp icculus only shows the old/beta stuff -  but i think he was on the 
LinuxWorld Expo from August 2nd-5th and he also got some shedules last month 
at Ottawa Linux and Desktop Devel Conf as far as i remember from the webpage. 
so maybe that clarifies the delay....

On Saturday 14 August 2004 13:04, Peter Kemmerer wrote:
> Has anyone heard from Ryan on the timing of the 3270 Linux patch?  It's
> kind of unusual for the Windows version to be out so long before the
> Linux version has been made available.

marc'O puszina

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