graphics are "ripping"

Jules Chianelli giuliano at
Tue Aug 10 12:34:29 EDT 2004

Have a Athlon XP 2200 with 384 megs of sdram on a PC-Chips 810L Mobo
sapphire ati 9200 SE video care with 128megs of ddr ram (AGP)
running knoppix linux (hd-install) (2.4.26 kernel)

The game looks beautiful but the graphics keep on "ripping or tearing" for
the players and weapons.

Its using the mesa 3d driver  (Mesa DRI R200 20020827 AGP 1x
x86/MMX/3DNow!/SSE TCL)
Using 4.3.0 X

Any ideas of whats going on?
Should I use the ati drivers instead ( I heard bad issues about them) or is
it a another issue that I missed

All the update patches have been applied

Thanks you in advance


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