Cheating in UT2004

Rick B zajelo3 at
Sun Aug 1 12:04:47 EDT 2004

    UT2004 is the first video game I have ever really seriously played, 
be it Linux or Windows, PC or console, online or offline. My question is 
about cheating when you are playing online. How do you know when someone 
is cheating or just a really good player? The other day I was playing 
and I had one guy who, everytime he tried to kill me, was very quick and 
fast, at a good distance, and every shot was right on target, this 
happened many times and judging by his score I wasn't the only one he 
was doing that to. And I was thinking to myself "there's no way this guy 
can't be cheating, I mean, he can barely see me from there". Whereas, 
last night I was playing and there was a guy (or girl) and it was just 
plain obvious that that person was a very skilled player and his score 
reflected that. I realize, that being a gaming newbie, I am going to run 
up against some players that are totally "ungodly" in their gaming 
skills. But how do you tell the really good player from the cheaters?

                    Rick B  

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