[ut2004] At Smelly Bob - Also OpenGL help required

Peter Wright hardw1re at utleague.com
Fri Apr 30 17:34:11 EDT 2004

Some people are just childish :(
Ok i know this is a none related linux question, but i've had a mess up with
my entire system, so im currently in my windows OS. (on the other hand i now
have my linux server running, and it was no trouble to get the linux
dedicated server for ut2004 to work :)) but as i said i now have a problem
with running UT and UT2004 in OpenGL mode in windows. I've just done a
repair so all the drivers are reset, it might be because i need to update
Direct X or something, but i doubt that. The error im getting is something
like this:
Assertion failed: hRC [File:C:\UTDev\OpenGLDrv\Src\OpenGL.cpp][Line: 779]
History: UOpenGlRenderDevice::SetRes <- UOpenGLRenderDevice::Init <-
UWindowsViewport::TryRenderDevice <= UwindowsViewport::OpenWindow <-
UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine

You'r all probably thinking, why run open gl? because i love using opengl!
and also any other rendering method for UT locks it up only OpenGL works for
UT on my windows OS. This problem also causes UT2004 to crash in OpenGL mode
with almost the exactly same crash error. Anyone able to help me i'd be very
Gratefull - Thanks
Peter Wright

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> On Fri, 2004-04-30 at 11:38, Christian Schmidt wrote:
> > Just go away. Thank you.
> I unsubscribed him.
> I have a feeling he'll just come back, but maybe he got bored already.
> If he does, I'll put more forceful locks in place.
> --ryan.

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