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Jason Paque solitudewi at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 22 20:49:16 EDT 2004

Gian Paolo Mureddu <thetargos at tutopia.com> wrote:
Jason Paque wrote:

> I have been trying and trying to get the sound working in mandrake and 
> I cannot get it functional because I do not know how to apply the 
> .diff patch to open al I have everything else configured to work 
> properly just cand apply the ut patch to openal which is required to 
> have it function
> *//*

Generally speaking you apply a .diff patch with the command patch and 
then the level in the source tree at which it will be applied. Generally 
you'd only need to:

patch -p1 -i /path/to/patch/file.diff (or file.patch).

For more information please consult man patch.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! yay I would not have been able to figure that out.

seriously I would have been stumpped for days on it


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