[ut2004] One more OpenAl question

Jason Paque solitudewi at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 22 19:58:44 EDT 2004

use your lspci program to retrieve the hardware list for the right setting for the soundcard.
you have to look under /usr/bin to find the lspci prog for every distro it is aparently different.

rix <zajelo3 at cfl.rr.com> wrote:
rix wrote:

> Hi all,
> All right, I got my openal set up mostly right except I get some 
> static when the game starts. I have a feeling it's the
> (define alsa-out-device "hw:0,0") comment in .openalrc. How do you 
> know what the "out-device" is on any particular machine? Is the 
> "hw:0,0" representative of the pci bus location of the sound card? I 
> have tried "default" instead of "hw:0,0" that doesn't work at all. 
> Also, I got like a 3 fps performance boost out of this tweak. Thanks 
> guys for helping out.
> Rick B.
Nevermind, I found some documetation and from what I learned "hw:0,0" 
should be the right output. I'll fiddle with it 'till I get it right. 
Maybe it's "plughw:0,0".

Rick B
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