UT2004 benchmarking: what does the "rand" value mean?

Corey Hickey bugfood-ml at fatooh.org
Wed Apr 21 15:29:51 EDT 2004

I've been benchmarking UT2004 quite a lot recently in conjunction with
tweaking/overclocking my system. I've noticed that often the "rand"
value (printed on the line along with the fps values) varies.

I ran a set of 50 identical 1-minute benchmarks (without altering any
settings) and came up with this distribution of values:

1425745073	2
1919451183	28
2051811764	9
560406543	11

Different values seem to correspond with the test running for slightly
different durations; at least, with rand[560406543] the benchmark ends
about a second later than it does with rand[1919451183], while
rand[2051811764] ends about a half a second earlier. I don't see
rand[1425745073] often enough to notice how long it takes.

Does anybody know what this means?


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