[ut2004] VARSize @ OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice

Ian Hastie ianh at iahastie.clara.net
Mon Apr 19 14:42:35 EDT 2004

On Monday 19 Apr 2004 18:33, Matthew Arnold wrote:
> Ian Hastie wrote:
> > Which motherboard and chipset?  AGPGART has been restructured for the 2.6
> > kernel.  Instead of having a single module which supports all configured
> > chipsets it has a common core and a separate module for each one.  So, if
> > you had a VIA chipset you'd modprobe via-agp instead of agpgart.
> It's an Iwill XP333+ with an ALI MAGiK 1 chipset, M1647 northbridge.

So in your case you'd need the 'ALI chipset support' option, probably as a 
module.  You'd then modprobe ali-agp.  This is the relevant kernel help.  So 
it *should* support your motherboards chipset.

          This option gives you AGP support for the GLX component of
          XFree86 4.x on the following ALi chipsets.  The supported chipsets
          include M1541, M1621, M1631, M1632, M1641,M1647,and M1651.
          For the ALi-chipset question, ALi suggests you refer to


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