[ut2004] UT2004 benchmark

Matthew N Cheely mcheely at Glue.umd.edu
Sun Apr 18 12:49:02 EDT 2004

I use that same command for benchmarking, with the exception that mine has
all of the "true"s replaced with 1. Works fine. Except that the score
refuses to go over 73-74 or so, even when my average FPS is 88. I think
that's a bug, but doesn't bother me, since all the other numbers are fine.

On Sun, 18 Apr 2004, rix wrote:

>        I can't seem to get the benchmark to work in UT2004, whereas it
> worked just fine under the demo. All I have done is to take the same
> command that I used with the demo and removed "demo" from the end of
> "ut2004" like this:
>                 ut2004
> dm-rankin?spectatoronly=true?numbots=12?quickstart=true?attractcam=true
> -benchmark -seconds=77 -ini=default.ini
> -exec=..\Benchmark\Stuff\botmatchexec.txt $*
> What should I do different?
>        TIA
>        Rick Belins

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