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Matt Raffel matt.raffel at
Thu Apr 15 08:23:46 EDT 2004

FAQ says: -------------->
Q: I've got an awesome box, but I can't get more than 9 fps on AS-Mothership. 
 A: Open up your UT2004.ini file and change VARSize=32 to VARSize=64. That 
should do the trick. VARSize controls how much static geometry in megabytes 
can be cached in AGP memory.

I cannot find a VarSize entry in my ini file.  I've grep'ed ini files in 
$HOME/.ut2004/System and $HOME/ut2004/System.   Theres no entry anywhere.  

Where should it go? Under what section?


On Wednesday 14 April 2004 10:48 am, Matthew Arnold wrote:
> I've updated the FAQ I wrote up to include information that was recently
> posted here on where to put various files (.ut2 in Maps, etc.), how to
> install ut2mods, where to get a ZIP version of the Onslaught bonus pack,
> and another performance tip. You can find it at:
> If you would like to bless this as the "official" FAQ, I would be happy
> to maintain it. As always, additions and corrections are welcome.
> Matt

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