[ut2004] Suitable childrens games for Linux

Rod Moffitt rodlist at rod.info
Tue Apr 13 09:51:46 EDT 2004

C'mon, this is really off-topic. It's bad enough with the traffic that we
already have for legit UT2004 questions. We will lose more people if
we keep the traffic any higher with completely off-topic questions like

There are dozens of linux related game sites. Just google for them and ask

- Rod

On Mon, 12 Apr 2004, Daniel Pierce wrote:

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> Not Free/Linux games at all, but DOSbox[dosbox.sf.net] lists several old
> Star Trek games as playable/supported. I remember liking A Final Unity
> alot as a kid.
> Otherwise, I suggest Scorched3D or Neverball, both are beautiful games.
> - -Dan
> rix wrote:
> |    I know this is off topic, but I was wondering if anyone could suggest
> | a game that my oldest son could play that runs good on Linux? I
> | personally wouldn't mind if he played UT2004 (he's 12) but his mom
> | wouldn't like it too much. I know that he really likes the Star Trek
> | games alot and those do have some violence but the amount in UT2004,
> | even with the no gore setting on, would be pushing it. Preferably
> | something with good graphics and alot of action.
> |
> |             TIA. Rick Belins
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