[ut2004] Suitable childrens games for Linux

Gian Paolo Mureddu Thetargos at tutopia.com
Mon Apr 12 15:52:52 EDT 2004

rix wrote:

>    I know this is off topic, but I was wondering if anyone could 
> suggest a game that my oldest son could play that runs good on Linux? 
> I personally wouldn't mind if he played UT2004 (he's 12) but his mom 
> wouldn't like it too much. I know that he really likes the Star Trek 
> games alot and those do have some violence but the amount in UT2004, 
> even with the no gore setting on, would be pushing it. Preferably 
> something with good graphics and alot of action.
>             TIA. Rick Belins
Games for kids I would recommend are: Frozen Bubble, many of the games 
installed with the packages gnome-games and kde-games (Mahjong and 
Shisen-Sho pwn!). On the graphic/action side of things, I would 
recommend Chromium (a scrolling 3D space ship action-arcade-like game), 
Racer and Torcs are good as well... if you want to know more about these 
games, please visit www.happypenguing.org :-)

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