[ut2004] More ALSA woes

Matthew N Cheely mcheely at Glue.umd.edu
Sun Apr 11 12:24:35 EDT 2004

> > Some people have reported that the game is opening the wrong ALSA
> > library. Try symlinking your libasound.so.2 to libasound.so  ...

I just realized I was having this problem as well. When I add the symlink,
the /dev/dsp error goes away, but now everything runs really slow and I
still have no sound. If I do a stat_fps on the main menu screen in the
game, my average framerate is something like 44fps.

I get the following message(s) in the console:

pause_audiodevice stubbed for 0x3
pause_audiodevice stubbed for 0x3

Anybody have any idea what's going on here or have this problem as well?

I'm running debian testing (alsa version 1.0.3)

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