[ut2004] Two questions:

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Thu Apr 8 12:17:10 EDT 2004

> 1.- Is there a way to force the visual renderer from a configuration
> file (such as UT2004.ini) to software? Also do you think this might work
> to get UnrealED to work under Wine/WineX (been trying since I got the
> game). I just don't want to use Windwos anymore... not even for UnrealED
> (although I'm being forced, if I want to do some mapping).

In $HOME/.ut2004/System/UT2004.ini, comment out:


And uncomment:


Running ./ut2004-bin -software makes this change to the .ini files for you
(plus reduces some visual quality settings so that the software renderer
doesn't choke too much).

I don't think Pixomatic works with UnrealEd on Windows, so Wine probably
won't help here.

> 2.- Completely unrelated to the first one: A few minutes ago, while I
> was in the game I saw in the community section that there are new Ownage
> maps. My question here is: What does UT2004 do when I click on download
> (the display just disappears, although the process is still running, no
> window to alt+tab to it or taskbar icon) I have to kill UT2004 in order
> to re-start it. Related to this, is there a way to specify what program
> to execute if UT will parse a URL? If so, where?

It uses the BROWSER environment variable, with a hardcoded list if BROWSER
isn't set.

The hardcoded list is currently:
  "opera:mozilla:galeon:konqueror:netscape:xterm -e links:xterm -e lynx:"

(Theorizing that if you have Opera installed at all, it's probably your
preferred browser, onto standard X11 ones, falling back to text-based
browsers in desperation. If you have any comments on how this list should
be organized, point them to /dev/null; everyone's got a different opinion
on this.)

Setting your own BROWSER:

It's "/path/to/browsername %s"

If you don't specify a path, we search $PATH. "%s" is replaced with the
URL, if the %s is omitted, we apppend the URL to the end of the command
line. You can specify multiple browsers in the order you want to try them
by seperating them with a colon and we try them all until one successfully


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