[ut2004] Two questions:

^(o,o)^ Turk2000 acnrvi at tin.it
Thu Apr 8 07:04:04 EDT 2004

Today, Gian Paolo Mureddu said to me :)

 #- Thetar --#
 #- Thetar --# 2.- Completely unrelated to the first one: A few minutes ago, while I
 #- Thetar --# was in the game I saw in the community section that there are new Ownage
 #- Thetar --# maps. My question here is: What does UT2004 do when I click on download
 #- Thetar --# (the display just disappears, although the process is still running, no
 #- Thetar --# window to alt+tab to it or taskbar icon) I have to kill UT2004 in order
 #- Thetar --# to re-start it. Related to this, is there a way to specify what program
 #- Thetar --# to execute if UT will parse a URL? If so, where?
 #- Thetar --#

 i'm not very sure but i think it searches for "mozilla-bin" in fact
if i click on ons-icurus custum map ut2004 go out and start mozilla.
I have set up the variable: MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME in my system environment.

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