Two questions:

Gian Paolo Mureddu Thetargos at
Thu Apr 8 05:56:49 EDT 2004

1.- Is there a way to force the visual renderer from a configuration 
file (such as UT2004.ini) to software? Also do you think this might work 
to get UnrealED to work under Wine/WineX (been trying since I got the 
game). I just don't want to use Windwos anymore... not even for UnrealED 
(although I'm being forced, if I want to do some mapping).

2.- Completely unrelated to the first one: A few minutes ago, while I 
was in the game I saw in the community section that there are new Ownage 
maps. My question here is: What does UT2004 do when I click on download 
(the display just disappears, although the process is still running, no 
window to alt+tab to it or taskbar icon) I have to kill UT2004 in order 
to re-start it. Related to this, is there a way to specify what program 
to execute if UT will parse a URL? If so, where?

BTW icculus, you've been reading a lot this in the last couple of days, 
but THANK YOU! Despite the few bugs I've encountered, I'm really 
thankful for this game... Thanks for porting it.

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