Suggestion for system libs option in installer

nurgle at nurgle at
Tue Apr 6 16:50:41 EDT 2004


I have now aquired the special edition of UT2004 and must say that the
game rocks. Thanks to Epic for the best UT ever and thanks to Ryan for
a fantastic port.

Following the list I replaced the supplied libSDL with my system
version. I was suprised to find out that this did not yield in two or
three more FPS, but gave me a HUGE performance boost. So here is my
suggestion: Why not offer an option in the installer to use the system
SDL and OpenAL libs during installation? It would certainly easy the
life of Linux newbies or non-list-subscribers who could just try the
impact of both options without moving around .so files manually. If you
are afraid of a lot of support request, consider hiding it in "Expert
Mode Install" and explain it a bit "This might crash the game. If unsure
choose No", etc.

         Andreas Micklei

P.s. The linux installer on the german DVD happily installs an english
version. German probably works to, but I did not try that one. :-)
P.p.s. The headset is well worth the extra money.

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