[ut2004] No sound in UT2k4

Gian Paolo Mureddu Thetargos at tutopia.com
Mon Apr 5 15:36:25 EDT 2004

aaron rey esparza wrote:

>I have open AL installed on my machine (fedora core 1)   I cannot get my
>sound to work in UT2K4.  My sound card is a proprietary SIS ac97 sound
>card....I dont know how to get this to work....please help.
What drivers are you using? Do you have sound support in other 
applications? You may try to symlink your system's 
/usr/lib/libopenal.so.0.0.x to /path/to/ut2004/System/openal.so and see 
if that works (should). But if you are not getting any sound from any 
program, then you may need to change your audio drivers, either to OSS 
drivers or ALSA drivers.

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