[ut2004] latest patch

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Sun Apr 4 04:36:22 EDT 2004

On Sun, 2004-04-04 at 01:46, Chris Lack wrote:
> I've been following the bugzilla page regarding the karma crashes
> since the first patched version was released.  I just wanted to chip
> in and say that the binaries released Friday have been rock solid for
> me so far (I know some ppl are still apparently having problems). 
> I've probably played about 7 hours since switching to them (I could
> rarely make it more than 30 minutes without a crash before).

I'm currently of the opinion that the original fix was broken...I'm not
certain the build box picked up the entire changeset for the fix on x86.

Here's a sanity-checked x86 build which (for me, at least) appears good:


The amd64 build was built by hand, and haven't heard any reports, which
could mean nothing at all:


Everyone on Linux should probably use those builds until a more official
patch shows up.

> PS - I can't get mp3s to play with the in-game music player (just
> oggs), nor does the file browser seem to work right.  Are these things
> on the todo list or am I just doing something wrong?

MP3 playback isn't supported at all right now (I'll remedy this
later)...on Windows, we used Miles Sound System for mp3 decoding (just
decoding, OpenAL is used for everything else), and there're various
reasons I can't/won't use it on Linux. I'll probably hook up AL_EXT_mp3
or something on non-win32 platforms. Ogg decoding should work, but:

The playlist editor is busted, too. This will also be corrected later, I
hope. Generally, on soundcards that allow multiple programs to open the
audio device, it's better to just use XMMS or something anyhow, but
that's just my opinion.


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