[ut2004] Why is my Unreal Tournament 2004 not working!!!???

Aaron Rey Esparza aarone at charter.net
Fri Apr 2 15:22:59 EST 2004

what is it called?  I cant seem to find it.

On Fri, 2004-04-02 at 12:06, Matthew Arnold wrote:
> Aaron Rey Esparza wrote:
> > ok i get a segmentation fault with the 2k3 demo also....WTF is my boxes
> > computer....someone with redhat who runs 2k4 and 2k3 help me please!!!!
> Run ut2004. After it crashes, attach a copy of your UT2004.log file. You 
> can find it in the .ut2004/System directory in your home directory. That 
> will help narrow down the problem.
> Matt

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