[ut2004] Why is my Unreal Tournament 2004 not working!!!???

Gian Paolo Mureddu Thetargos at tutopia.com
Fri Apr 2 10:17:07 EST 2004

Aaron Rey Esparza wrote:

>>Basically this means you don't have both sound support (maybe due to 
>>pure ALSA or no drivers at all loaded for your card) and you don't have 
>>a valid OpenGL accelerated configuration, notice I'm saying 
>>configuration, not hardware... You should tackle the two problems 
>>independently one from the other... the easiest is sound... just see if 
>>you have configured your soundcard correctly. The other (graphics) is a 
>>little more difficult, but that'll depend on your hardware.
>Could you go into depth for me please?  Both my sound card (SiS) and
>Video card (geforce4 mx 440) are recognized in linux but apparantley not
>in the games.
Ok, did you install nVidia's propietary driver? If not go to nVidia's 
webpage, download, install (as described in the readme), and configure 
accordingly. As for your sound, depending on your chipset model I'm 
pretty sure you're using the intel810_audio driver (OSS) driver. Maybe 
if you tell us your distribution/kernel version would be easier to solve 
this one?...

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