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Fri Apr 17 10:40:02 EDT 2009

Good morning, 
I am an avid gamer and Linux user and prefer to game on the Linux platform when enabled to. I own a copy of UT2003 with the linux_installer.sh on disk 3. There are multiple issues with it using any type of somewhat current system. Apparently, we have been forgotten in the bleeding edge race. Are there ways to update this installer? I am not a developer or I would not ask this questioon but with proper tools and knowledge, I can get a job done. I have compilation experience within Linux and with installation of FreeBSD from a minimal install, all the way to desktop. This of course includes error trouble shooting and reading output and working around them. 
I am not sure how to use Loki or make self as I have not seen or have not found the documentation to suit my needs. Can I get some direction and info from you? My goal is simply to update this installer so it functions in the here and now. There are other questions regarding making this the 2225 installer version so there is no need to have to go through multiple patches and so on. I am aware of it's age and at the same time also know other Linux gamers who are in clans as I am and think it is a good goal to aim at not only providing Linux game installers but providing compatible updates to the installers as they should coinside to the current system linbraries, sdl, etc. 

Please let me know what I can do to make this happen when you have a chance. I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks and have a nice day. 
Leo M / [MXC]$K!Nj0B 

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