ut2003 command launching to connect to server doesn't work under xqf (gamespy clone) for linux

tk Voice tkVoice at netscape.net
Sat Jan 31 22:17:22 EST 2004

Why won't ut2003 start when launching game from xqf (game spy for linux) ?

I think the command line launching that xqf uses is wrong to launch 
ut2003 and connect to a server.

this syntax works under Windoze:
ut2003 unreal://
(but fails under linux)

Does anyone else on the list use xqf ?

Please report if ut2003 launches and connects to a server from xqf

Thanks in advance


Slackware v9.1 (older versions of Slackware did the same thing)
xqf v0.9.13 http://www.linuxgames.com/xqf
UT2003 v2225

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