[ut2003io] Microsoft = Epic's new publisher?

Peter Hoff petehoff at pacbell.net
Thu Sep 18 01:52:30 EDT 2003

Matthew Arnold wrote:

> David Krider wrote:
>> What is
>> more worrisome is whether or not the hardware makers (nVidia and ATI)
>> will continue to create drivers that support the OpenGL spec with good
>> performance. Matrox found out it was too hard, and basically gave up. On
>> the other hand, I have good hope for both, because they keep making new
>> cards specifically tailored for this market, and the technology trickles
>> down.
> As long as John Carmack keeps cranking out engines, NVIDIA and ATI 
> will support OpenGL. When Carmack hangs 'em up, there will be 
> problems. By this I mean no disrespect to Tim Sweeney, et al, but 
> Carmack is pretty much the champion of OpenGL.
> Matt
Games aren't the only thing that use 3d acceleration. Pretty much any 
professional 3d modeling or CADD app is OpenGL, and I don't see them 
changing their minds any time soon. Good OpenGL support means nVidia can 
repackage a GeForce as a Quadro and quadruple the price tag.  Add to 
that the fact that more and more professionals are looking to Linux for 
their rendering and such, and I think it's safe to say that nVidia at 
least will be supporting Linux and OpenGL for the forseeable future.

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