Aaron Gyes floam at
Fri Oct 24 16:58:03 EDT 2003

In UT2003 (ArmyOps too) after I'm done playing and have quit UT2003, the
ut2003 process is still going, and I have to kill it manually. Also, if
I forget that it's there, the speekers will kinda pop if anything
happens (opening up a webbrowser, etc.) It's pretty annoying and has
been happenening for 3 or 4 months maybe.

Gentoo Linux 1.4
Linux Kernel 2.6.0-test8-mm1
ALSA provided by kernel
Nvidia kernel & glx 4496
Glibc cvs snapshot Oct 10 with nptl
libSDL 1.2.6
on a:
Athlon XP 2800+ (barton)
Geforce 4 TI 4200
SBLive 5.1
512MB Corsair PC2700 RAM

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