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Hi list,
hi johan,

Thanks for your help!

Am Sonntag, 30. November 2003 16:37 schriebst Du:
> Hi,
> I've had the same problem, also posted here before, i know what a hassle
> it is to find it in the postings, so i give you a solution:

I found this posting just minutes after my last posting and followed the same 
way as you described, but unfortunately:

Performing update:

ERROR: No matching delta for /root/ut2003/Web/ServerAdmin/submit_button.inc

In the meantime I tried it the brute way and copied everything from 
patchdir/System and patchdir/Web into the game directory. Again I replaced 
the Engine.so with my backup, additionally all *rc.u files in the System dir. 
Otherwise network play will not work (the game complains about 
incompatibility of these files).
I'm not exactly sure if the patch corrects all bugs it should, as my way of 
applying it is rather, hmm, 'unorthodox'. 
At least the sound is gone and I have read about this problem after applying 
the 2225 patch. ;)
As I search further I find that exactly this problem shoud be corrected with 
an older version of openal.so. Let's see...

And what I else wanted to mention:
I have a Riva TNT2 and the frame rate is good enough for a network DM in 
800x600 and high details.

So thanks again and let's frag!


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