Linux Performance

David Krider david at
Sat May 24 16:31:47 EDT 2003

Help! I've just reinstalled UT2003 for a LAN party, and I'm remembering
that there was some trick to it for getting the same frame rates out of
Linux as Windows. I've since tossed my personal archives for this list,
and I can't find any place online to get the archives. Can someone
please help me out? I really need to fix this. I have a dual Athlon 1200
with a GeForce 4 4600Ti, and I'm getting into the 20's on the outdoor
levels. I'm running SuSE 8.2 now, as opposed to Red Hat, but I had the
same problem there at first as well. I know this is vague, but does
anyone have any suggestions?


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