[ut2003io] Screenshots, not so important, but nice....

{NOC}M4dDog m411 at clan-noc.com
Mon May 19 13:30:00 EDT 2003

Johan Schuring wrote:

>Thnx, it has to do with the driver version, with 3123 the color is back....
FYI - I've just noticed screenshots are working again for me - GF4 
ti4200 updated to the latest (4363) NVIDIA drivers - running on RedHat 
9, latest UT2003 patch. I've no idea if it was the latest patch that 
fixed this, or the driver/system update, but there you go.

Also, for anyone else in this list that plays the original UT, the 
latest UTPG patch (4.51) fixes the screenshots problem (for me at least) 
- 4.36 seg faults - aswell as the "connecting to password protected 
server" bug.


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