[ut2003io] Ogg player non-functional?

Josh McKinney forming at charter.net
Thu Mar 27 13:39:26 EST 2003

On approximately Wed, Mar 12, 2003 at 08:04:55PM -0000, Jeff Woods wrote:
> Is the bonus pack Ogg player not functional with the Linux client?
> I have a key bound for it, but nothing happens when I press it.
> I noticed the vorbisfile.dll in the bonus pack for which there is no
> Linux counterpart, along with the other updated dlls.
> Are we SOL with OGG, or am I just doing something wrong?

I am seeing the same sort of thing here.  When I hit F-11 I get the playlist
screen but have no songs listed and the same song plays over and over again.
Can someone please shed some light on this?


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