[ut2003io] Flag/Bomb indicators off

^(o,o)^ Turk2000 acnrvi at tin.it
Sun Mar 16 08:33:13 EST 2003

On Sat, 15 Mar 2003, Matthew Arnold said me 8-)

 #-marnol -# I don't know if the 2199 patch or the Epic bonus pack caused this, but I
 #-marnol -# just noticed that the little dots that indicate the direction to the bomb
 #-marnol -# or the flag bases at the top of the HUD are off. Instead of perfectly
 #-marnol -# orbiting the circles at the top, they are actually slightly higher. They
 #-marnol -# still get the job done, but the effect is off.

 the same problem is happening for Quake2 Max mod, is it?
Excuseme for this OT question.


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