[ut2003io] UT2003 Epic Bonus Pack

Brian Strand bstrand at switchmanagement.com
Wed Mar 12 15:24:39 EST 2003

Warren Woodward wrote:

>>Yeah, the contents of UT2003-BonusPack needs to go to your install, so 
>>the files in UT2003-BonusPack/Maps goes in your Maps dir, etc.
>Ya know, that's a long term annoyance of mine.  I'm guessing there's a
>better way to move the files than to extract, then cp * /dir.  Or is
>there?  Like some flag on unzip/bzip/tar that can change the default dir?
>Pardon me, exposing my pasty newbie linux belly.
Not sure if I am understanding your annoyance exactly, but you might 
investigate tar -C somedir somefile.tar or unzip -d somedir 
somefile.zip, both of which allegedly change to the specified directory 
before doing their business.  If those are unsatisfying, there's always 
the good old (cd somedir && tar xf somefile.tar).  This doesn't really 
apply to bzip, as it generally operates on a single file "in-place".


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