Begging for "ucc make" in linux

[Apoc]Death death at
Fri Jul 11 00:51:06 EDT 2003

Just sending out a big PLEEEEEEEEEZE to Ryan...

Is there _any_ chance we might see "ucc make" functionality on the linux
side of things?  Pretty please?  (Can I get more pathetic?  I'll try

I _hate_ my old windoz machine, and I have to keep that damn thing running
in order to compile my mute(s), and it's killing me...  Just a couple
days ago I had something get corrupted during a round of compiling
ApocMatrixMoves which appeared to be unrecoverable, to the point of having
to fully reinstall ut2003...

If there is any way I can bribe you (admittedly, I'm a grad student, so
we're talking a package of my girlfriend's kickin' cookies here), please
let me know...  I might even be desperate enough to donate this PoS
computer as parts to, though I sincerely doubt you really want
it, given the above rant...  ;)

Thanks for any response, Ryan, even if it's a "go to hell"...  I know
you're busy, but you can copy and paste "go to hell" from my email in like
2 clicks if you're in a rush...  ;)

I'll STFU now... :S


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