[ut2003io] HTTP redirect or something like that....

Mike mike at linux.dustsmoke.com
Tue Jan 21 20:27:06 EST 2003

We all have this problem, although I don't think it is a redirect issue.
It seems to happen on every server where the windows client downloads
much faster than the linux client. I opened a bug about this bug#333 if
your interested or can narrow it down at all. I'm sure Ryan would be
interested in whatever you find. I don't know where they are on this bug
other than it is being looked into.


On Tue, 2003-01-21 at 14:33, Johan Schuring wrote:
> Hi,
> Does the redirect work for the Linux client, cause some friends I know have a map
> very fast from the server or redirection, I don't.
> They have setted the redirection on the server, so the client doesn't have to set
> it, that's what they say and they don't setthe redirection in the clients ini.
> I download with about 10k/s (have to wait 10 / 20 minutes), the windows client users
> have the map from about 8 MB in say about 30 seconds.
> The windows clients of them has the same setting I have for the redirection:
> DownloadManagers=IpDrv.HTTPDownload
> DownloadManagers=Engine.ChannelDownload
> AllowPlayerPortUnreach=False
> LogPortUnreach=False
> [IpDrv.HTTPDownload]
> RedirectToURL=
> ProxyServerHost=
> ProxyServerPort=3128
> UseCompression=True
> I ask this, because it is a bit annoying when you've downloaded the map for about
> 90% and the server switches the map :)
> Does it work for the Linux client, etc....
> Please suggestions.
> Johan.
> PS, i know about downloading maps, how to put them in ../Maps and they are on the
> same section/area of my ISP.
Mike <mike at linux.dustsmoke.com>

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