[ut2003io] twinview and ut

Stefan Gehn sgehn at gmx.net
Sat Jan 4 18:02:29 EST 2003


On Samstag Januar 4 2003 23:04, ken lierman wrote:
> Anyone on the list using twinview and playing ut2003?
> It works fine for me when using "Clone" mode, but as soon as i switch to
> a side by side mode and run ut2003 full screen it spans the 2 screens,
> making it basically unplayable.

works fine with having this in my XF86Config:
  Option      "MetaModes"    "1152x864,1152x864; 1152x864,NULL; 
1024x768,1024x768; 1024x768,NULL; 800x600,NULL; 640x480,NULL; 512x384,NULL; 
400x300,NULL; 320x240,NULL"

The second entry for most resolutions sets the behaviour for apps that force a 
special res by setting/changing it. So for me 1152x864 and 1024x768 both work 
for desktop-display and for games (games change res and thus the second entry 
gets used, that one just switches my right display off).
Lower resolutions are just used for games and stuff so I always have the right 
display off and don't need a duplicate entry.

Hope this makes it more or less clear.

Bye, Stefan aka mETz
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