[ut2003io] Serious issues

David van Hoose davidvh at cox.net
Thu Jan 2 16:35:58 EST 2003

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
>> Then it should read /dev/cdrom not the fstab. A command line argument 
>> to find the correct path to the CD should suffice. If all else fails, 
>> a 'grep -i "iso9660" /etc/fstab' should return a line with the mount 
>> directory.
> /dev/cdrom is not the CD device on every Linux box. Nor does every 
> distro mount the disc as "iso9660".

You're right to a degree. All Linux setups I've seen have a /dev/cdrom. 
If it isn't a device, it is a symlink to a device. My case, /dev/hdc. 
And unless someone changes their fstab's cdrom entry from iso9660 to 
auto, there shouldn't be a problem. The following would most likely work.

mkdir /ut2k3-cd
mount -r -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /ut2k3-cd
if [ $? == 0 ]; then
# It is mounted and we can confirm whether this device has the CD
# If not, grep the fstab for iso9660 entries and check them.
# Read the CDs.
# Umount the CD when done.
umount /ut2k3-cd
# Mount failed.
rmdir /ut2k3-cd

If anyone from icculus is reading this, use that if you want. No more 
violating floppy drives and zip/jazz/tape drives please.

>> This problem occurs when I play a lot of anything. Seems to happen 
>> faster during bombing run though.
> Yeah, the server admins are reporting this about Bombing Run-based 
> servers, so it probably hits the clients, too. It's on the TODO list to 
> look into.

Have they made any mention of the other ladders? I have had this issue 
with everything. Regular deathmatch doesn't seem to be as affected.


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