Serious issues

David van Hoose davidvh at
Thu Jan 2 15:47:44 EST 2003

I bought UT 2003 this week and have thus far noted the following:

During installation, the installer probed every removable drive in my 
fstab for each and every action during the installation. I had to remove 
my floppy and zipdrive lines out of my fstab just for the installation 
to not take 3 hours. The installer should *NEVER* read the fstab.

I proceeded to run the updater, which worked like a charm.

During runtime, I noticed the game got increasingly slower. Eventually 
my sound core ceased to work and the game locked my system. I rebooted 
and continued to play. The game once again got slow and the sound cut 
off. I switched to tty1 and logged in root and checked my memory to find 
that I was using 900MB of memory in my system with 512MB of physical and 
1GB swap. Low and behold 'ps -A v' show the following line which pissed 
me off.

  2601 ?        SL   138:40   6525   237 730758 378968 73.5 ./ut2003-bin

I figured something went wrong as no program is supposed to take up 
730MB of memory. I couldn't quit the game because it had locked. I 
killed the process with a kill 9 and rebooted to clear any crap out of 
the system. I started playing again and once again the same problems 
occured and I did another 'ps -A v' and got the following line.

  1010 ?        SL    97:23   4293   237 450058 276992 53.7 ./ut2003-bin

450MB of memory this time.

As a programmer, I am prone to declare a memory leak problem.
I am also having issues with the game NOT terminating when I quit the 
game. After a kill 9, I have to restart the game. It doesn't start, but 
clears the entry from the ps listing instead.

Can anyone out there confirm ANY of this. I have never had a problem 
with any Loki or Id games. This includes Quake, Quake 3, Unreal Gold, 
and Unreal Tournament. I have only had these problems with UT 2003.

-David van Hoose

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