[ut2003io] Problems with update?

Ian Romanick idr at us.ibm.com
Fri Feb 14 14:42:06 EST 2003

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> We have the unfortunate problem of the "update" script being broken on 
> the original gold master, which confuses this more ("Are you the one 
> that installed this?"). Run the loki_update binary in that directory 
> directly (instead of the update script) to get around this.

That did the trick.  Thanks. :)  Perhaps this should be in the FAQ?

Now that I can at least start the game, it totally explodes with the 
open-source driver for the Radeon 8500 (I assume that the 7x00 driver 
won't fare much better).  Of course, that's the whole reason I wanted 
the game...to fix the driver bugs. :)

Is there a good site that lists all the user tunable rendering options? 
  I'd like to turn the rendering down as much as I can and see if that 
helps.  Then gradually re-enable stuff and fix bugs as it breaks.

Also, other than ATI_tex_combine3 (which is now available in the 
open-source drivers for R100 and R200 based cards), what extensions does 
the OpenGL renderer want?  I know that EXT_texture_compresion_s3tc is on 
the list, and one of NV_vertex_array_range or ATI_vertex_array_object is 
also highly desirable.

S3TC will be in as soon as whoever owns the IP (after S3 changed hands 
several times, nobody knows who the current owner of that IP is!) gives 
permission to use it.

We'll probably never support any of the proprietary vertex extensions. 
Instead, we should have support for ARB_vertex_buffer_object later this 
year.  Since Daniel Vogel was on that working group, I'm sure that 
UT2003 will have support for that extension before it's available in the 
open-source drivers. :)

Are there any others?  I've heard rumblings that ARB_texture_cube_map is 
required, and 'strings /usr/local/games/ut2003/System/OpenGLDrv.so | 
grep GL_' shows it.  How many texture units does it want?  Right now the 
R100 & R200 drivers only support 2, but enabling all 3 on R100 and upto 
4 on the R200 would be trivial.  Supporting all 6 on R200 is going to 
have to wait until after the internal graphics memory manager is re-written.

Any other hints or tips you guys could provide to driver writers would 
be helpful. :)  Thanks!

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