[ut2003io] Problems with update?

Daniel Vogel vogel at epicgames.com
Thu Feb 13 18:35:17 EST 2003

Gotcha, thanks.

-- Daniel, Epic Games Inc.

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> From: Ryan C. Gordon [mailto:ryan at epicgames.com]
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> Subject: Re: [ut2003io] Problems with update?
> > I'm always annoyed with games that require you to manually 
> apply previous
> > patches :)
> That's because you aren't supposed to manually apply them.  :)
> We have the unfortunate problem of the "update" script being broken on 
> the original gold master, which confuses this more ("Are you the one 
> that installed this?"). Run the loki_update binary in that directory 
> directly (instead of the update script) to get around this.
> The options are to use the tarball (which does what you are asking; just 
>   gives you the changed files so you can go from any version to the 
> latest), or use the autoupdater. If I didn't need people to mirror the 
> files, I'd never advertise a URL for the incremental patches, because 
> they are nothing but trouble when loki_update doesn't juggle them for you.

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