[ut2003io] OT: Original UT Matrix Moves problem

[Apoc]Death death at apoc.org
Wed Feb 12 12:12:58 EST 2003

> Holy crap!
> It worked!
> Thanks dude!
> *plays deck16 for 3 hours*

Ah, that's a beautiful thing to hear...

And while we're on the off-topic of classic ut under linux, has anyone out
there with the classic UT client working under linux ever try to use the
Matrix Moves (beta 4) mod?  It's got some fairly nasty bugs (mainly one
can only successfully jump about 20% of the time, plus some other yummy
malfunctions) that only appear during network games on the linux client
(single player works fine, as does both single player and networked in

We'll see if I can get as lucky as Eric did... ;)  Otherwise I'll have to
rebuild the mod, and that sounds like an awful lot of effort for such an
old game...  I guess it would prime me for porting the mod to ut2k3
though, eh?

Thanks for any input...  Feel free to contact me privately if anyone's
angsty about the list going too off-topic...  ;)


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