[ut2003io] multiplayer issue

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at epicgames.com
Thu Feb 6 21:03:57 EST 2003

> for example a friend of mine made a server and told me to log in (a 
> password server) when i tried to connect the first time it showed the 
> password box and i entered it . then it didnt work ... jumped the 
> starting animation again ... and now everytime i try to connect to that 
> same server it doesnt even show the password box and i never get to 
> enter it ... can anyone help me please ?

This is a bug in the Linux client involving passworded servers.

Instead of connecting through the server browser, pull down the console 
and enter:

open xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:yyyy?password=zzzzz

Where "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" is the server's IP address, "yyyy" is the port 
(7777 by default), and "zzzzz" is the password.


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