[ut2003io] 2186 Patch and Botmatches

Daniel Vogel vogel at epicgames.com
Tue Feb 4 20:46:21 EST 2003

You have to append ?attractcam=true after ?quickstart=true in your batch

-- Daniel, Epic Games Inc.

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> From: Matthew Arnold [mailto:marnold at ez-net.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, February 04, 2003 8:31 PM
> To: ut2003 at icculus.org
> Subject: [ut2003io] 2186 Patch and Botmatches
> Yesterday I tried to run a botmatch to see if the updated openal had any
> effect on my framerate. Now when I run a botmatch, it's like I am
> spectating. I end up spawning in and staring at the ceiling. If I hit
> "fire" I start following one of the bots. Kinda makes it difficult for
> benchmarking purposes. Thoughts?
> Matt

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