[ut2003io] Help patching INI files for Epic Bonus Pack on Linux

Matthias Bach marix at marix-world.de
Tue Dec 23 02:24:10 EST 2003


Am Montag, 22 Dezember 2003 schrieb tk Voice <tkVoice at netscape.net> :

> Inside the readme.txt it has instructions to "junk double click" to 
> begin install. I have no idea how to uncompress CBP2003.ut2mod 
file any 
> further. None of my compression utilities will work on it (bunzip2, 
> unzip, uncompress)

It's just about as easy as that. In your UT2003-system-directory 
there is an app called ucc-bin. Called from the commandline you can 
pass it an option and the ut2mod file as the parameter. I think it 
should look like this
/ucc-bin e /home/foo/CBP2003.ut2mod
which should extract the mod to the correct places. I am not sure 
whether e is correct, so, but using the correct switch it will work. 
gonna check this tonight.


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