[ut2003io] Help patching INI files for Epic Bonus Pack on Linux

tk Voice tkVoice at netscape.net
Mon Dec 22 23:25:18 EST 2003

There is an "Epic Bonus Pack" and a "Digital Extremes Bonus Pack" that 
have linux instructions.

The "Community Bonus Pack" yields two(2) files when unzipped:

-rw-rw-rw-    1 Peter    root     431626157 Oct 27 19:50 CBP2003.ut2mod
-rw-rw-rw-    1 Peter    root         6962 Oct 27 19:37 Readme.txt

Inside the readme.txt it has instructions to "junk double click" to 
begin install. I have no idea how to uncompress CBP2003.ut2mod file any 
further. None of my compression utilities will work on it (bunzip2, 
unzip, uncompress)

file CBP2003.ut2mod
CBP2003.ut2mod: data

marnold at ez-net.com wrote:

> MeltDown wrote:
>>> By the way is there any way to get:
>>> The "Bright Skins MOD" or "Community Bonus Pack" to work under LINUX ?
>> I'm sure there is. Haven't tried it, though. Are they UMods? In that
>> case it's easy.
> I got the Community pack to install without any problems. If memory 
> serves there were instructions for installing in Linux. Either that or 
> it was just easy.
> Matt

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