PyUClasses - finally UnrealScript development on Linux

MeltDown meltdown at
Mon Dec 8 06:54:20 EST 2003

Hi there,

Good news for Linux users! I've released the first public beta of PyUClasses. 
It's a development environment for UnrealScript based games - and the first 
one of it's kind for Linux! I could really use your help in testing this 
program. It's a small download (80 Kb) and it's got it's own installation 
script. Most users will just have to run "./install" and that's all. Please 
test it and let me know where I can improve it!

PyUClasses is still beta because it's lacking features. I didn't find bugs and 
the program is rock-solid - at least on my computer it is :)

PyUClasses can be downloaded from and the 
full documentation (in case you want to read it before you download) can be 
found at

Please let me know what you think of it!

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