[ut2003io] Password bug in the original UT?

Liam - {NOC}M4dDog m411 at clan-noc.com
Sat Apr 26 09:12:21 EDT 2003

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:

> (Yes, I know this is the UT2003 list...)
> For any Linux gamers that play the original UT...the password bug that 
> was in ut2003 prior to version 2225: is it in the original Unreal 
> Tournament, too? I'd like to get that patched for UTPG if necessary.
> Thanks,
> --ryan.
yes it is - I use 4.36 and 4.49 on Linux - you have to clear the cached 
password to connect to password protected servers, or use open 
IP:port?password=foo (which works after a few goes)

Would be nice to have this fixed :) Thanks

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